The trio of Cath Robetrs, Otto Willberg and Tullis Rennie has been meeting since 2018 to explore playing improvised music with interventions/disruptions. These can be composed elements, objects, texts, rules, actions or anything else. Often they are housed on a small table in the middle of the room.

In the public performances by this group so far, there have been attempts at making music together whilst being distracted by small tasks, repetitive and/or banal instructions and games of hide and seek. Vocal utterances have been heard, including gurgling. Some teeth were nearly lost through sound-making, mostly by mistake. There were bits that felt uncomfortable – but in a good, challenging way – and there were lots of moments of collective fun.

While mainly operating behind closed doors so far, the group has appeared at Poplar Union, SET Dalston and Hundred Years Gallery. A day’s studio recording at City University in Summer 2019 led to their debut album Hold Music (Luminous, 2021).At Hundred Years Gallery, 2019. Photo by Tom Ward.