I’ve been designing posters, flyers, album covers and other band merch items since around 2013. At the start of 2023 I started renting space in an art studio and have been making time to go down there and experiment for its own sake.

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Studio print experiments
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Studio print experiments

Print mashups series with old blocks from Sloth Racket album covers, black paint and black pen on greyboard, 2023.

New colourways for old Sloth Racket album cover blocks, 2023.
Linocut skunks small (above) and large (below), 2023.

Linocut skulls large (above) and small (below), 2023.

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Having fun in the studio with objects found on the street.
Wooden crate coated with papier maché (Amsterdam Alternative, London Review of Books, leaflet from Tate Modern), 2024.

Wooden drawer unit painted with neon paint, black marker pen lines, neon twine, 2024.

Off-cuts from And then the next thing you know arranged on a table for an open studios event, 2023.

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Selected posters/flyers

Digital artwork from scan of illustration and collage (colour version for online, top, and black and white for print), 2024.Digital artwork from hand-drawn original and photo, 2024.Digital artwork from hand-drawn original, 2023.

Digital artwork from scan of linocut print and handwriting, 2023.

Digital artwork from hand-drawn original, 2022.

Digital artwork from hand-drawn original, 2022.

Digital artwork from screenshot, 2021.Digital artwork from scan of hand-drawn text and linocut, 2019.Digital artwork from adding hand-drawn lettering to Angela Guyton’s Ripsaw Catfish print, 2019.Scan of hand-drawn poster, 2019.Scan of hand-drawn poster, 2019.Scan of collage poster, 2018.Scan of collage poster made from cut-up previous poster (below), 2018.Digital artwork from scan of linocut print, handwriting, photo, 2018.Digital artwork from hand-drawn/written original, 2017.Scan of hand-printed poster with handwriting, 2015.


Scan of linocut print with handwriting, 2015.

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Album covers

Handprinted linocut tape covers for a cassette release with Dee Byrne, 2023.

Digital artwork from hand-drawn original design, riso-printed by Footprint Workers Co-op, 2022.

Digital artwork from photograph, for Dee Byrne’s solo album, 2022.

Handprinted covers, digital artwork from ink texture, 2021.

Digital artwork from Hand-drawn original, 2020.

Hand-printed linocut covers, riso-printed zine (digital artwork from scans of linocut and drawings), 2019.

Digital artwork from scan of linocut print, 2019.

Hand-printed linocut cover (2023 edition above, 2018 edition below).

Hand-printed loinocut covers, 2017.

Hand-printed linocut covers with handwriting, 2017.

Hand-printed linocut cover with custom rubber stamp (2023 edition above, 2017 edition below).

Hand-printed linocut for a Deemer cassette release, 2016.

Hand-printed linocut CD cover (2016…one of my earliest ones and a block I still like and print now!).

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