Great gigs with Article XI! And ‘LUME Presents…’

Just a quick post to say thanks for coming, if you were at either of the Anton Hunter ‘Article XI’ gigs. We had a fantastic time and both performances went really well! We just need to sit back and wait for Anton to organise the world tour now. Both gigs were recorded, so hopefully those will see the light of day fairly soon…in the mean time here are a few photos:

article xi rehearsalThe rehearsal shot…(by Peter Fay)

article xi by peter fayThe group shot…(by Peter Fay)

article xi mancThe Manchester gig… (by Peter Fay in challenging lighting!).

article xi vortex cara courageThe London gig… (by Cara Courage – and there are lots of other great shots from the gig on her Flickr page)

Next on the horizon for me is the launch of ‘LUME Presents…’ at the Vortex this Sunday. Looking forward to that! See below for the full listings on a new lovely poster from Peter Beatty: