Article XI at Manchester Jazz Festival and the Vortex

After a really nice gig at Fusebox in Leeds with Ripsaw Catfish last week, I’m now looking ahead to the next project on the horizon: playing in Anton Hunter’s brand new band ‘Article XI’. We’re performing at the Manchester Jazz Festival on 24th July, and the Vortex in London on 27th July.

The lineup is:

Anton Hunter / guitar, electronics
Graham South, Nick Walters / trumpets
Mette Rasmussen / alto saxophone
Sam Andreae, Simon Prince / tenor saxophones
Cath Roberts / baritone saxophone
Seth Bennett, Richard Foote / trombones
Eero Tikkanen / bass
Johnny Hunter / drums

Anton has written a set of new music for the group, and at the first rehearsal a couple of weeks ago it was sounding great. Plus, it’s a lovely bunch of people. I’m very happy to be involved!

I’m also looking forward to checking out the rest of the festival while I’m up there. Should be an enjoyable week…