October 2011

This month saw my first foray into writing for film, as I put together some music for Reelscape Films. They are working on a promo short for their upcoming feature ‘Fortune Cookies’, and asked me to provide not only some background ‘elevator’ jazz but also some angry rock! A good chance to develop my skills in Logic…

An inspirational trip to Copenhagen – involving catching a nonet gig featuring Andrew D’Angelo and Bill McHenry – got me feeling excited about my imminent septet project. I will be putting together a bunch of new music for our gig on May 24th, which sounds like a long way off but in writing time is quite close!

I have decided to leave Hackney Colliery Band to pursue other things, so the Jazz Cafe gig on November 7th (supporting Hypnotic Brass Ensemble) will be my last one with the band. I’ve had a great three years, but now it’s time to move on, and I’ve already got several (maybe too many?!) ideas underway. I can feel a winter of writing coming on!