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Synth gets festive

Last year I was invited to record a Christmas carol for Corey Mwamba’s Freeness show on BBC Radio 3. I had just got the Lyra-8 synth about a week ago, and the result of those two things convenging was a fun session messing about with mashing samples of me singing a carol through the synth’s external input and seeing what happened. I remembered about the track today – so it’s now up on Bandcamp! Pay what you want, or not, for some pretty dark and mangled festive cheer….

New tape with Suren Seneviratne on Fractal Meat

In early January I made an improvised electronics piece for one side of this tape release on Graham Dunning’s label Fractal Meat Cuts. It was a really nice process and I’m very happy to be sharing the release with Suren Seneviratne. My piece uses a sample of Anton Hunter from a Ripsaw Catfish gig last year, plus the sound of the floppy disk drive on my old 2002 laptop…

Head to the Fractal Meat Bandcamp to get your hands on a tape or DL!