Setlist zine volume 2 out today!

The second installment of my Setlist zine series is now available! After the first volume focussed on four-word micro-texts, for this one the brief was images. Any visual material was welcome, so long as it didn’t include any words at all. A fantastic group of artists are on board for this zine:

Sam Andreae
Old Bort
Angela Guyton
Bell Lungs

Kim Macari

It’s been a great process assembling the work into the zine format; quite different from the text-based one, bringing up different considerations to take into account when dealing with other people’s visual work and making sure it looks good. I went with a darker ink colour for this one, to give the images more definition, and I’m pleased with my choice of purple. After thinking about paper colour options for a while, I ended up sticking with the same as volume one in order to give maximum ink-paper contrast.

You can pick up a copy from my webshop, and hopefully this volume will also start to appear in physical-world shops too as I find stockists for the zine project.

If you do get hold of a zine – whichever volume – and use it in a performance, I’d love to hear about it! Do drop me a line as I’m interested to know what the zines end up doing….