A lovely night at LUME!

Last Thursday (6th Feb) we started up LUME for 2014 at our new venue Long White Cloud. It promised to be quite a full-on night for me as not only were we trying out the venue for the first time, but I had also been invited to play with Corey Mwamba and Martin Pyne as part of the gig! In addition to this, we were a bit concerned about turnout due to the combination of relentless rain and a tube strike.

Happily, it all worked out. Dee and I turned up early with our elaborate collection of stuff including curtains, fixings, new LUME banner, etc. After a coffee-fuelled DIY session (with drill work by bassist Jeff Spencer, who had arrived as an audience member but ended up as crew), the stage was set and it looked pretty good….especially with Corey and Martin’s vibes/electronics setup ready to rock as well. (NB: To get to the gig Corey did end up walking across London with his vibraphone for the first time since 2005, apparently, for which we are eternally grateful…especially considering the weather.)

lume setupWe got a nice enthusiastic crowd down (who were loving the food and drink at LWC) and I really enjoyed the gig. It was so great to be asked to play with Corey and Martin: I was transported with my bari into another world of vibraphone soundscapes for two sets. Awesome. If you ever hear of them playing a duo set, make sure you catch it. The gig looked like this (although without my austere expression most of the time hopefully):

corey martin vibes trio lumeAll in all, a successful and enjoyable evening. Long White Cloud were fantastic hosts and everyone had a good time. We look forward to many more! We’re there every Thursday, so do drop in when you’re free and check out the gigs (listings on the LUME website). A door-eye view to finish off the post:

lume door