November 2012 gigs retrospective

A freezing cold, snowy February day like today seems the perfect time to sift through the various photos, videos, and recordings I’ve amassed over the past three months. I’ve had a lot going on but not much time to write about it until now, so here goes.

Quadraceratops were lucky enough to play in the 2012 London Jazz Festival, which was the highlight of my Autumn. We supported Get The Blessing at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on the 17th November, playing to our biggest audience so far. It was also the biggest venue we’ve played, so the whole evening was slightly surreal and a lot of fun. Ricky Day kindly took on audience-eye-view photography duty on the night, and I’ve put up an album of his shots of the Quadraceratops FB page, plus the couple in this post. A big thanks to Dom Servini, who DJed at the gig, for booking us to come and play.

The following week we had a gig at ‘Jazz at the Waterline’ in Dalston. This is a night run by my friend Dee Byrne (although she has subsequently moved it to the Hackney Cut, due to what is hopefully the Waterline’s temporary closure). The back room of the Waterline is a cosy, intimate space and it was a nice gig for trying out some new music. I had recently finished a composition called ‘Flying South’, so it got its first outing on that night.

The Waterline gig was possibly also the first time that the band name has appeared on a blackboard (above) which I enjoyed. In addition, Dee took some photos on her phone including this one, below, and the trippy one on my ‘Gigs‘ page. Someone was clearly enjoying adding weird effects…hopefully inspired by the music!

I’d like to say a massive thanks to the ‘November lineup’, who put in a lot of work, switched around instruments a bit and played great on both gigs. They were (and indeed are):

Tom Ward – baritone sax (in role as a trombone while Magnus was away)

Andrew Woolf – tenor sax (in role as Tom Ward)

Chris Snead and Dave Orchant – trumpet (one on each gig)

Jason Simpson – bass

Kit Massey – keyboards

Luke Christie – drums