A lovely night at the Forge…

I don’t think I’ve ever booked a gig in so far in advance. It was actually August 2011 when the Forge gig was confirmed, at which point I was just starting to entertain the idea of getting a new set of tunes together and seeing if the band from my final Guildhall exam fancied reforming. When we played on Thursday night, it felt simultaneously like it had been a long time coming and like it had been booked only a few days ago!

Warning: this next paragraph will gush a bit. Essentially, I had a fantastic evening! After a long (self-inflicted) Winter of Writing that ended up extending into a Spring of Still-Haven’t-Finished-Writing, it was so good to actually play the music. On top of that, it felt brilliant to play the music to such a friendly and receptive audience. Plus, the evening itself was extremely smooth-running and I found I was able to relax and chat to friends who’d come along – a situation I don’t think I’ve been in for ages. In summary, here’s to many more gigs like it!

The recording is on its way, but in the mean time here’s an audience-eye-view photo by Darren McCarthy. We’re off to Manchester next week, and I’ve also just confirmed a date with The Jazz Meet, who are going to host us on July 29th at their lovely weekly event in East London. See you out there!