Sloth Racket

Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone, compositions), Sam Andreae (alto/tenor saxophone), Anton Hunter (guitar), Seth Bennett (bass), Johnny Hunter (drums).

Sloth Racket is the main outlet for my playing and composition. I put the band together in 2015 for a Jazz North East gig at Gateshead Jazz Festival, and since then we’ve toured the UK annually as well as playing at London Jazz Festival (2015), Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival (2016), LUME Festival (2017), DJAZZ Festival (2018) and Lancaster Jazz Festival (2019). Sloth Racket has released four studio albums and two live abums.

The band has its own site – head over there for all things sloth.

Most recent releases

Exabout: Live In Ramsgate (Luminous, 2020):

Dismantle Yourself (Luminous, 2019):