Ripsaw Catfish

Ripsaw Catfish is the collaborative duo of Cath Roberts (electronics, baritone saxophone) and Anton Hunter (guitar). The Manchester and London-based musicians started playing in 2013, going on to release the albums ‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ (2014) and ‘Namazu’ (2017) on Raw Tonk Records. They have since toured widely in the UK, France, Holland and Belgium. A third album ‘Carapace’ was released in June 2022, also on Raw Tonk.

‘Intense, gnarly and experimental’ – The Guardian

Carapace (Raw Tonk Records, 2022):

Namazu (Raw Tonk Records, 2017):

For The Benefit Of The Tape (Raw Tonk Records, 2014):

Photos by Tom Ward, 2022.